Create Fast Account

All new service users need to create a Fast account first (transaction limit of 1,000 USD in total).Accounts can be quickly created and activated via email, no matter whether you are an individual or a corporate user.
After creating a Quick Account, if you want to increase the limit and use fiat currency deposit, you can upgrade to a Personal Account or a Business Account which can be widely used for business purposes.
All account types (Quick, Personal, Business) can be created under the name of an individual or a corporate.
※The e-mail address you entered will be your login ID.
※In order to upgrade account, you need to upload KYC or KYB documents on the upgrade account page after login.
※Each individual or corporate is only allowed to open one imove account.
※Account name cannot be changed. Account upgrade will be based on the Quick Account level.

Applicant Type
Email Address

Please make sure that provided email address is valid and functional.